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Product Introduction

Fabric Adhesive Tape Cloth Duct Tape


Fabric Adhesive Tape
Cloth Duct Tape

Product length

  • 50mm X 10m
  • 50mm X 15m
  • 50mm X 25m
Tapes with various widths and lengths can be produced depending on the clients’ orders.

Fabric Adhesive Tape ( Cloth Duct Tape )

  • The adhesive strength is superb.
  • A special synthetic resin has been coated over seamless-textured fabric materials for the tape so that it can be cut easily by hand in the direction of lines developed on the fabric.
  • The tape displays far greater adhesive strength than any other packing tape and therefore is suit able for packing medium-sized packages and also highly resistant to moisture and dust.
  • In addition to the basic colors of Cream, Green, Black, Red, Blue and Silver, colors and sizes can be adjusted according to consumer orders.
  • Mesh : 34, 50, 70, 80, 110
Product Name ITEM Fabric Adhesive Tape
BACKING BACKING Moisture-proof ctton fabrics
Types of adhesives ADHESIVE Rubber
Thickness (㎛) THICKNESS (㎛) 290±5
Adhesive strength (g/25mm) Adhesive poser (gf/25mm) 240 above
Tensile strength (kg/10mm) Tensile strength (kg/10mm) 5.0 above
Retention force (mm/min) Holding power (mm/min) 3 below
Elongation rate (%) Elongation (%) 10 above
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